Sed Command in Linux

access_time 2023-09-25T04:58:22.051Z face SampathSivaKumar Boddeti
Sed Command in Unix/Linux Introduction In the Linux and Unix world, we have a handy tool called sed. Whether you're a sysadmin, a developer, or just someone who deals with text files, sed is a powerful tool for text editing and manipulation. It makes text tasks in Linux easier and smarter. Let's ex...

Sysadmin to DevOps Engineer

access_time 1609439400000 face Priyadarsan
Sysadmin to DevOps Engineer Ever since the DevOps term has been evolved in IT industry, it is gaining skyrocket popularity. Not only it is getting popular, organizations are also trying to adapt it as soon as possible to sustain in the disruptive market. Hence there is a lot of need of DevOps engin...
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